FIFA 20 Contract Expiry & Release Clause Palyers

Players About to become Free Agents with their Contracts Expiring in 2019, 2020 & 2021

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If you began playing FIFA 20 Career Mode managing a team with a low budget, buying relatively cheap players without a club or players whose contracts are about to expire is a perfect way to bolster your squad.

For various reasons, certain in-game players have either failed to renew their contracts – and are on the verge of becoming – or are already Free Agents.

Here are some of the best Free Agents and high-potential players with contracts set to expire shortly.


Contract Expiry 2019

A list of highly-rated old players that can still put in a few more years before they begin to decline.

Z. Ibrahimović ST378585€14M
N. Gaitán CAM318181€15.5M
I. Piatti LW CF ST348080€7.5M
E. Lavezzi CF ST348080€8M
J. Mascherano CM358080€4.7M
J. Dinenno ST247580€9M

FIFA 20 Contract Expiry 2020

Established Players ready to fit into your FIFA 20 Career Mode Team.

Luiz Felipe CB227887€14.5M
A. Hakimi LB RB208086€18M
S. Sensi CM CDM237883€13.5M
E. Bailly CB258083€16.5M
W. Benítez GK268083€13.5M
T. Meunier RB RM278282€20M
H. Hateboer RM RB257881€13M
G. Herrera GK277881€9M
N. Nkoulou CB298181€15M
J. Guilavogui CDM288080€13M
N. Matić CDM CM308080€12M


Contract Expiry 2021

2021 may still be a bit far-away; however, these are players you should keep a keen eye on after the first year in Career Mode.

A. Hakimi LB RB208086€18M
J. Weigl CDM CB238084€17.5M
E. Hysaj RB258084€17M
M. Ginter CB258183€19.5M
Bernat LB LM268184€19.5M
A. Mandi CB278082€15.5M
J. Zoet GK288082€13M
O. Baumann GK298283€18M
T. Vaclík GK308182€14M
S. Kjær CB308282€18M
Marlos RM CAM318282€19.5M
Taison CAM LM318282€19.5M
Morales ST LM318282€20M
E. Banega CDM CM318383€19.5M
Pedro RW LW318282€19.5M


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FIFA 20 Good Free Agents

Have Zero budget to buy new players, these free agents would only demand Wages, saving you transfer fees.

W. Barrios CDM CM257883
E. Schetino CB278282
J. Sildero CAM RM278282
Y. Osorio CB257682
A. Lunev GK277981
S. Mandíquez ST308181
S. Ardero CAM LM318181
L. Dálves ST CF278181
J. Serendero GK318080
M. Nérez LB LM318080
D. Kuzyaev CM CDM267780
D. Lenzado CB LB317979
E. Riquero CDM CM317979
L. Sáreda GK277979


You can either choose to wait for these players to go out of contract or have their release clause kick-in, buy them as free agents, or get them at discounted rates due to the time left on their contracts.

Any way you choose to get them, pre-contract players are always a bargain and snagging them should be part of the strategy of any manager with a relatively low transfer budget.


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